Total Texts

Oneironaut, By Phoenix Williams: An adventure into dreams, and unusual narrative techniques.



Haiku By Sunshine, By Linda Kaywood: Striking, even if a little frustrating micro-poetry from one of my main inspirations to publish an E-book in the first place.



Bittersweet Candy Bowl, By Veronica Vera: Comics, Cats, Drama, Fan Culture, everything a nineties kid could want in an amazingly compelling work.



The Kramer and Shadow Series, by Greg Smith

For enthusiasts of crime and military novels, The Pits, and the Forthcoming You Can Run offers a mature, engrossing page turner that puts the reader in the midst of the most intense action sequences and nail biting, closed door, strategic command sequences. I usually refrain from comparing the work of self published authors to mainstream works in the traditional publishing industry, and I will continue to refrain. Traditional publishers don’t deserve material of this quality.

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