Essays and Philosophical Writing

Meditations on Bad Faith

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This book discusses the current state of religious ethics. I use personal meditation and careful analysis of many writers and Youtube New Atheist thinkers to assess the pitfalls of society’s assumed trust of faith as a pillar for moral thought. All the while exploring Unitarian Universalism as a potential remedy to these ills. Half of all proceeds from this book will be donated to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Brunswick Georgia.

Cyclops: A Memoir of Mental Health

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After a nightmarish struggle with depression and the discovery of his plan to commit suicide, the author enters a psychiatric facility in search of some hope to keep living. What he finds there is a cast of misfits, wizened fools, and fellow travelers along a crumbling life. He sought refuge, but instead stares into existential panic . The first thing to break is the self. Until then, all he can do is wrestle with the free walking monsters of broken souls in a harrowing attempt to slay his own.

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