Editing and Consulting Services


As an instructor of English and Literature at the post secondary level for nearly ten years, I am proud to offer my services for burgeoning writers in the realm of copy-editing, revising, and self promotion. I have a passion for watching a text grow organically, regardless of genre and subject. I am also more than willing to keep comments on this page public so that open conversation of my quality as a consultant will be available.

Editing and consulting services include full syntax and grammar review, punctuation, spelling, reformatting, redevelopment, presentation, and much more. My compensation is based upon an hourly rate that includes time spent providing written comments in Google Drive and synchronous communication including phone and face-time conversations. I also offer free continual promotion of the work on this website. My services as an editor and consultant buys continual advocacy for your work. When you succeed as a writer, I succeed as well.

Read a little of what my clients have to say about my services!

Greg Smith: Author of You Can Run and The Pits.

My career as a novelist spans a mere handful of years, but as a graphic designer involved in the publishing industry it spans several decades. During that time I have had the privilege to work alongside excellent editors. However, it wasn’t until I needed the services of an editor to scour the manuscript of my latest book, YOU CAN RUN, that I encountered the best editor of my career.

Working with David Bailey has proven to be an inspirational experience. An author would be extremely hard pressed to find an editor of David’s caliber. He walks that extra mile with you, endeavoring to maximize your capabilities as an author with every step along the editorial process. You couldn’t ask for a better companion who believes as much in your work as you do yourself.
Without an iota of hesitation, I recommend to any writer, author or novelist in search of a great (and affordable) editor, David Bailey as your next editor. May you both work long together and prosper.
To reserve my services and schedule conferences, I require an intial deposit of $25. My hourly rate  is $35 an hour with billing periods every two weeks which include write up logs of time spent on your project.


Email here for inquiries: atmaweapon42@gmail.com

For more seminars and education services, visit The Bailey Education Professionals page.


Payments accepted via Paypal.


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