Totaltext Episode 5: @horrormade (Jeanette Andromeda)

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His thin lips struggled to hide a pus-white canker

above bucked, front teeth. It’s colour

Always struck my adolescent nerves,


Dull as a dandelion, eclipsed by pock marked

Cheeks and a tongue that rolled with a flat,

Feminine laugh.


Michael’s Dachshund was every ounce

Of sleek and smooth that fled

From the freckle, fucked face


Of his owner. Sable black-bright lines

Reflected miniscule blades of light

Through his short hairs-


As stubby legs kicked first in circles

Then straight back and forth

The way a cur does when it aims


To claw. It’s body, long and hairless

On the belly, twists with a new

Sense of encroaching threat.


The blue bag sports a smiling,

Yellow face and offers eternal

Low prices, but Wincy wants


None of it. Michael strikes

The dog with the ball

Of his fist once.


It feels pain but continues

To contort in odd, almost back-

Breaking shapes.


Twice. The worm falls limp

And the hormone addled

Cretin wields an ogreish


Strength to shove

The innocent welp inside.

As his hands whirl


In flourishes, the dog’s

World becomes a shouting

Shade of blue.


He can’t see it. He can’t

See the pond either.

Michael may hit orgasm


As he spins the creature

In a perfect discuss



Gravity fails. It’s stomach

Lifts like a figure skater

And spins as vomit


Cascades through

His throat.

At first


There is no sign

Of struggle. The shape

Barely ripples


And dragon flies

Ignore the plash

As they bask clear


Wings in the dark

Maroon of an evening



A thrash here,

A wrenching, convulsing



The pain in it’s face

Robs all ability

To fight a final


Sinking. When the bubbles

Stop, Micheal

Paces. His breath quick

And shallow


As he pulls from an inhaler.

The smell


Of ozone and dirt drifts

Between us.


He tries to laugh. But only


We Are Killing Our Kids




Anyone who reads this blog for my occasional stance on education policy will know my avid opposition to rising standardized testing and increasing rigors we place upon our children. I find it shocking how recess in my local schools continues to be whittled down more and more for a curriculum whose primary focus is “training” my child solely for tasks to prepare them for rote memorization. Pile on homework, constant evaluation, and a mix of socially stunted kids with no outlet to express their individualism and what you have is a pressure cooker of mental illness that gets more and more intense with each year.


This system is inflicting both intellectual and emotional harm to our students. It is time for our society to discuss the rights of children to develop in more natural, nurturing ways, and one of the best models for this potential shift can be found in the language of the growing LGBTQ advocacy.


I have been very attentive to the developing arguments centering around increasing the rights and empathy for LGBTQ individuals and have noticed a potential connection between our shifting social climate and the way we institutionalize our children. The environment of someone identifying as LGBTQ has profound effects on their health depending upon whether they live in a supportive or oppressive location. For those who must hide their true nature, the health effects and increasing rates of suicide are shocking. It is truly a devastating mental health hazard to imprison one’s true self in shadow for fear of persecution.


Consider for a moment the rate of depression, obesity and mental illness that plagues our country. A great deal of that malaise may be directly related to the oppressive nature of education. We rob children of freedom. We snatch away the concept of play and replace it with grinding gears and grades that constantly question their self worth. We compartmentalize them, separate them according to age group, and demand a homogenous learning process that makes almost no allowance for individual learning processes or styles.


Is it any wonder we are miserable and medicating ourselves with junk food and antidepressants? Is it any wonder that our teens anguish and melt away as their creativity and divergent thinking wither to nothing?


We are killing our children. We are killing them not just in the physical, stopped heart, suicide kind of way. We are killing the very person that they are. We are exterminating the individual they could become. All of this plays out in service not in an attempt to develop a better self, but to train the child as a better product for the job they will one day be damned to perform.


We can do better than this. We MUST do better than this.